A 5th Birthday to Remember

Last year we went to Disney in March to celebrate my son Dylan’s 5th birthday. Dylan got sick then his little sister Emma got violently ill and we had to take her to the hospital. The next day, my husband Alex was sick. The following day on Dylan’s actual birthday, I had all these awesome reservations and plans. Alex and Emma just wanted to lay in bed all day but I wanted to make the best day possible for Dylan. I canceled our reservations and changed it to just dinner with a cake for the two of us. Since he was feeling better, he & I went park hopping all day and night, just the two of us, until he literally conked out in the stroller at park closing. I have to admit, I cried a little when the cast members and I were singing “happy birthday” to him because it wasn’t the birthday I had planned for him, but it ended up being the best. We got to spend so much quality time together just he and I, and the next day Dylan told me it was the best birthday he’ll ever have ??. -Samantha A.

5th birthday at Magic Kingdom