Fan-girling Over Jack Skellington

jack skellington

Since it came out in 1993, I’ve been a Nightmare Before Christmas fanatic. I love Jack Skellington, his dog Zero, and his devoted rag doll Sallie. The darkness and oddity of the cast of outcast characters could have been created by none other than the masterful Tim Burton. Tim Burton coming together with Disney was … Read more

A 5th Birthday to Remember

5th birthday at Magic Kingdom

Last year we went to Disney in March to celebrate my son Dylan’s 5th birthday. Dylan got sick then his little sister Emma got violently ill and we had to take her to the hospital. The next day, my husband Alex was sick. The following day on Dylan’s actual birthday, I had all these awesome … Read more

Rainy Day Magic at MK

sunshine after the rain at MK

My favorite Disney memory was this past year when we spent all day in Magic Kingdom. We went on space mountain 2 times before it was even 8am! We were gonna see it all, but then it rained and poured. Rides closed down, and we thought that was it for the day…the day was ruined… … Read more

Disney after 20 years

family trip to MK

We went to Disney about 3 years ago; I hadn’t been in over 20 years! I used to go all the time to visit my PopPop and Grandma ❤️ so when I went a few years ago with my boyfriend Brian’s family, I had the most magical time! Riding the monorail for the first time … Read more

Honeymoon in “France”

le cellier epcot

My husband and I went on our Honeymoon at Disney! The first night we went to my favorite restaurant in Epcot, Le Cellier, and they brought us a bottle of wine that my sister had paid for over the phone. Then we went and bought french pastries and found a bench and cuddled as Illuminations … Read more

Beaming in the Magic Kingdom

WDW merchandise voucher

We love Disney and go every year. One trip it was so hot, we were heading to the Haunted Mansion, kids were getting cranky. My eldest son Chase went to put his sunglasses on, pulled the arms of the glasses too hard and they snapped. He burst into tears and I knelt down to comfort … Read more

Stitch Hitches a Monorail Ride

aloha stitch

When my sister was much younger she was carrying around a stuffed Stitch throughout our trip. One day she forgot it on the monorail, and after checking with lost and found repeatedly to no avail. When we got back to our hotel room on the final day of our trip, a new, much larger plush … Read more

Disney World…. of Wings

joy at MK

When I got pregnant with my son Jackson, we decided to take my daughter Madison to Disney as a surprise before we ruined her life with a little brother. It was very top secret. I got us all shirts, ears. I bought her a Cinderella princess dress to wear and little high heels.  So the … Read more

Test Track… or Bust

test track

One year, all my kids wanted to do was ride Test Track. On four separate trips, I booked us a fast pass to ride, but every time it was raining during our window, so the kids were unable to ride. During our fifth trip and attempt, we finally got sun during out fast pass window. … Read more

A Lost Camera With Very Private Pics

lost and found camera

Prior to leaving for Disney World, I fell down an escalator while at work. My injury caused a massive bruise on my … derriere. I took pictures of the bruise in the event I needed to file an injury claim through work. Fast forward … I lost my camera at Disney. I frantically searched and … Read more