Beaming in the Magic Kingdom

We love Disney and go every year. One trip it was so hot, we were heading to the Haunted Mansion, kids were getting cranky. My eldest son Chase went to put his sunglasses on, pulled the arms of the glasses too hard and they snapped. He burst into tears and I knelt down to comfort him. Out of nowhere (actually the food cart a few feet away from us that I didn’t notice), a Cast Member swooped in, said she saw what happened and wanted to do whatever she could to make it better. She handed me a slip of paper that would be honored at any store/cart location in Disney for a free pair of sunglasses – any pair that he wanted. I literally cried right there out of just the kindness and the unbelievable empathy of cast members to do something like that. I thanked her profusely and after we settled down, got off our ride, Chase was able to pick out a pair of brand new sunglasses that just made him beam ? #disneymagic ❤️ – Katie K.

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