There’s No Crying Over Spilled Disney Coffee

tee voucher 2019

Last January I was at the Hollywood Studios Starbucks. After waiting a long time for my coffee, I took my first sip and because the lid was not on well, I spilled coffee all over my shirt. A cast member ran over and said “You can’t meet Mickey with coffee stairs on your shirt!”. He … Read more

Piggyback Ride from Peter Pan

peter pan piggyback

Our first of many random acts of pixie dust by Disney came when my family of 4 went on one of the backstage tours of Disney. At the beginning of the tour, we were told it was canceled and we were asked if we would instead join in an all important task of finding Captain … Read more

Mom’s 92nd Birthday in Disney

happy bday mary

In 2019 I took my mother to Disney to celebrate her 92nd Birthday. Our hotel’s front desk gave her a celebration button with a big 92 and her name on it. She wore it everywhere, and everyone, including little kids, called out “Happy Birthday!”. She got so many free desserts, she couldn’t eat them all! … Read more

Dad and Daughter Shared Love of Disney

dad gifts a lift

On my 6th birthday, my dad asked me what I wanted for my 7th birthday. I told him I wanted to go to Disney World. And he made it happen. This is me on his shoulders watching a parade at the Magic Kingdom in 1985. We were only able to go a few times when … Read more

Easter Basket Disney Surprise

disney surprise

We had never been to Disney on our own, as a family of four. My husband and I saved for a year and never told our girls we were planning a trip to Disney. That year, for Easter, we surprised them by giving them all Disney themed gifts inside their baskets. Hidden inside were cookies, … Read more

Marathoning For 2

running with baby

We booked the Disney Princess Half Marathon 2019. A few days before we left for the race, I found out I was pregnant. My guy wouldn’t let me run the half marathon alone, and signed up at the last minute, with no training, to run beside me. This was the 1st of 5 half marathons … Read more

Veteran Honored at Magic Kingdom

disney veteran

2 years ago today, my dad got to be honored as the Veteran of the day at Magic Kingdom. Such an awesome experience for my dad. He served for 40 years in the Army. I so wish we could get back to normal! And get back to Disney. – Becky Shannon Blyth